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  • Use Download Accelerator Plus(DAP) to download various stuffs from here. It's top rated among all download managers. {don't forget to integrate it in firefox. To do so, click  OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> Integrate into Mozilla/Firefox browser}
  • The entire stuff on this website, say e-books, have been primarily categorised as:
    • Curriculum books (books related to school syllabi; e.g. Physics, Maths, Hindi subjects.
    • Non-curriculum books (books meant for reading, pleasure etc; e.g. Fiction, comics, biographies etc.
  • Non-curriculum books have been further categorised on Language basis & category basis.
  •  You should have WINRAR to unzip files. Files usually are in .rar format to decrease file size.
  • Certain e-books need Microsoft Reader. Download it
  • Also there must be Adobe Reader because e-books are mostly in .pdf format.
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